Sunday, September 20, 2015

Hogwarts homemade quills.

As part of my "Hogwarts comes to my house" segment, the next task I set myself is to make some writing quills to give out as party favors. These were a little fiddly but very easy to make.
I began with feathers I bought. Any kind of feather that has a large calamus or hollow shaft will do. If you can get turkey feathers without having to buy them, you can use those too once they're cleaned.

Simply using a scissors, I took the tip of the calamus off. I also removed the pen innards from a bic pen. Anything similar can be used instead. It's important to push the pen into the hollow before gluing as it needs clearing out first. Then, taking a hot glue gun, I squirted just a small amount into the hollow and waited for a min. The glue is hot and if you put the plastic ink cartridge in too quickly it might melt.

I repeated the process. As you can see it's quite an ugly sight :) There are a number of different options at this point. You can either glue on a ribbon and wrap it tightly over the pen and end of the feather until they join together, or you can do what i did.

I got the shiniest black foam sheet I could find, this one is self-adhesive, and wrapped it around the end of the quill.  Even though it was self-adhesive I still needed to use my trusty glue gun to keep it in place.

And TAAA DAA, you have a collection of your very own quills.
Happy Hogwarts Crafting.

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