Monday, September 19, 2016

Dear Bob, The Misadventures of Petunia Pottersfield.

Dear Bob

Dear Bob has officially made its way into the world. This children's first chapter book is a heart warming story about a young fairy whose only desire is to be normal. But Petunia can't help her catastrophic ways. Things blow up around her, monsters are created from simple potions, her wings fly her into thistles and leave her hanging upside-down in a pair of frilly knickers on the washing line. Her playmates get turned into warty toads and no one wants to be near her. It's no wonder why Petunia just wants to be normal.

The book blurb

Petunia Pottersfield can’t help being clumsy, she was just made that way. Every fairy in Furrow Grove knows her as “The Jinx” and no matter how hard she tries to not be herself… it always ends in disaster. But when something strange starts happening to the other fairies, it’s up to Petunia to discover the truth and save them. She must break fairy rules and fight the rising darkness all on her own… and do it without killing them all. 

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Dear Bob is available in Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, Paperback and Audible, and has plenty of mishaps and action to entertain the whole family. Dear Bob can be found from $1.99 on Amazon

Even Better News!

To celebrate the release of Dear Bob, I am giving away a ... wait for it... $100 amazon gift voucher for participating bloggers. Plus anyone can enter to win this beautiful prize by heading  HERE

Please show the love by entering and spreading the word. Petunia is all alone in her battle to save the world and could use some friends.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Adieu, Adios, Toodles, Slan, Auf Wiedersehen, Ciao, Sayonara, Dasvidaniya, Zàijiàn, and Goodbye.

The drums of war have sounded and I must respond. The queen has fallen, and Naretia has been plunged into a devouring darkness. Now, I must help this world find its way into the light before they are consumed.

Yes, it has come to that time where I must hang up my blogging hat and don my writers cap. My social media frenzy must come to an end so I can create the second adventure to my fictional world. The Paladins of Naretia have fallen, now I must see who is left.

For the next six months, or so, Books and Authors will go dark and the worlds within will grow dusty and weathered. But fear not, I will still be around to answer emails and tweet the occasional important tidbit.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The dust wont be allowed to settle for long. I will be back after Christmas to bring you more novels that will capture your imagination and trigger the primal fears within. Fingers crossed, one of them will be my own.

Until then, I'd like to thank everyone who took the time out of their busy day to read and comment on my blog. I am truly grateful that you helped me reach my goal of over 10,000 page views a month. More importantly, I am grateful that you helped to spread the word about the wonderful authors I interviewed and hope to see you all again after Christmas.

May your imaginations fly you to dreamful adventures, never to suffer the doldrums of reality again.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Gathering Dark - a spellbinding paranormal romance by Charles O'Keefe

In this weeks author spotlight I have the distinct pleasure of welcoming back Charles O'Keefe, author of The Newfoundland Vampire series. Today we discuss his third novel in the series, The Gathering Dark... oohh, sounds intriguing, doesn't it?

Since we last talked about your previous book, The Newfoundland Vampire, what have you been up to? (in the literary sense… not being nosey or anything.)

Hey TP no don’t worry I didn’t think you’re being nosey I actually like to ask a lot of questions too. First off thanks so much for having me on your blog again, I really appreciate it.  So since the first book well there’s a second one but I believe hard talked about that Conroe. Well first a few other people were thrown a bit of a loop when “Distinguished Press” dissolved. I won’t get into the details now because it’s kind of a sore subject so and I’ll just say that we formed our own little authors publishing group called “Four Phoenixes Publishing”, composed of yourself, Joe Chianakas, Jennifer L. Gadd and yours truly. We help promote each other’s books, talk about writing and generally encourage and help each in writing and in life.
In the meantime though I was doing some editing my third vampire book, ”The Gathering Dark” and I’ve been getting up to speed on all the ins and outs of being a self-published author. I also had to find a cover artist and I've discovered that can be rather difficult. I have been with three different artists (one said I was too critical and quite, another said he was too busy and quit). Luckily the third time is the charm and I’m happy with the way my new cover turned out (it’s also the first time I’ve had original art from a local artist, which makes me happy). On the editing side it took about six months (with an editor for most of it who wants to remain nameless) before I finally got the book ready. I’ll say that just learning how to all the formatting/editing tasks to get a book ready for an Ebook and print is quite daunting but with help, patience and lots of hours I got through it. I’m happy to say The Newfoundland Vampire book III “The Gathering Dark” will be available as a digital book on July 22, 2016 and the paper copy should be in my hands (and hopefully on a few store shelves) by the end of August. Finally while waiting for my then editor I also got about half way through writing book 4 (I hope to have that done by early next year).

Tell me what The Gathering Dark is about and how you expanded it from the first two books?

I’m the kind of person who is always thinking ahead, to be honest shortly after I finished book 1 I knew the main story arc would end, I just didn’t know how long it would take me to get there. To answer your question, this book introduces several new characters, one I’m particularly fond of is Anne Bonny (based on the famous female pirate). She’s a good combination of fun/serious/sexy/adventuress/brave/intelligent. I enjoy the challenge of writing a realistic, powerful and interesting female character and I hope I done that here. There are a bunch of other characters who show in this book (filling up one half of the vampire council) that you’ll have to read to discover. I advance the timeline of the coming vampire war, for this first time in this book I skip time, something I felt was necessary for the story. Joseph grows and matures in this story, I also show how all of the terrible events he has both participated in and seen affect him. Cassandra also goes through some character growth and we also get to see how both her and Joseph do on their own. I love story arcs and I complete the arc of one character who has shown up in both the first and second book. I think in this book I show what lots of other vampires are up in the world not just Joseph and Cassandra and I even have something of cliff-hanger and a big surprise at the end.

Is there another Newfoundland Vampire book in this series?

If you’re referring to book two then yes, it’s called The Newfoundland Vampire book two “Killer on the Road”. If you meant book IV, the answer is coming soon. My tentative title for what could be the end of the series is “War of the Fangs”, I know that’s corny though and it may change. Look for book four sometime in 2017!

How many hours a day/week do you spend writing?

I’d love to say I do it 30-40 hours a week but sadly I still have a day job. I usually write a moderate about, three to four hours a week (unless I’m on vacation when it can expand to twenty or more). If I have a lot to get done editing/promotion wise I up it to ten hours a week, I usually do a little five days a week and often take the weekends off.

Do you have any rituals or habits that help you write?

I am a creature of habit so yes. I often like to write in the morning once I’m finished breakfast, so it usually in the timeframe of 7:30-9:30am (I don’t go to work early as I’m a co-owner). It’s always at my kitchen table and I often take breaks to check my phone or look out the window. I always try to do any writing where I can see out the window, it helps be calm, focused and inspired.

What was the best thing anyone has ever said about your books and which one was it about?

Excellent question! I actually have a short story about the nicest thing anyone ever said about my books (and it was book one “The Newfoundland Vampire”). I was at a book signing in a local mall and towards the end of it a young woman came up and said, “I noticed you’re selling your book. I’m sorry I don’t have any money on me but I wanted to wish you luck and I wrote this note for you.” I said “Well thank you.” She smiled, waved and left and I was left with the note. I kept it and will share it with you now it said, “Every writer starts off with one word, one phrase, one book. Then builds their success on passion and love for their stories and imagination. Don’t be discouraged at what people say if negative. Write for yourself.” I was touched, I immediately got up to go and thank her again for the lovely sentiment but she was gone. It’s the little moments like that which make being a writer all worth it.

If there was one thing you’d like the readers to know about your characters, that isn’t obvious in the text, what would it be?

I’d like the readers to know how much I’ve come to care about Cassandra in particular. I’ve tried really hard to make her a realistic, fun and interesting character. She is the first character that truly felt alive to me. I’d also like to add that for every character I did research and tried to get the way they act and speak in my books to be as close to how they act in real life as possible.
Excellent questions TP, thanks again for having me, always a blast!

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Meeting Ashley Royer at the New England Author Expo

As many of you know, I attended the New England Author Expo, orgainsed by Christopher Obert of Pear Tree Publishing, as a blogger. And I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed my time. I learned a great deal from the panels of authors, editors, and many more, who dished on their experience of the publishing world and offered invaluable advice. Not only that, but I also got to meet and interview some amazing authors. This week, over the course of seven days, I will be sharing the stories of those wonderful imagineers, and today I share the inspiring story of Ashley Royer: A young author (17) repped by agent David Fowler and published with Harper Collins. Her book, Remember to Forget, has taken Wattpad and the nation by storm. So how did she do it at only seventeen?

I hear that you are also a vlogger, could you tell me a little bit about that?

So, I have my youtube channel and I make random videos of me talking and singing songs. (Check out her song, Jet Black Heart... I loved it) I also do things with my book. But I started in Wattpad. This is where I began writing Remember to Forget and another book when I was around twelve or thirteen. I gained quite a large following. Right now I have ninety-two thousand followers there and I have a total of thirty million reads for both of my books.

And how did it progress from writing on Wattpad to getting your agent? 

I wrote on Wattpad for two years and I didn’t tell anyone about it, not even my mom. I kept it a secret, but then because of my youtube channel she found a comment about it one night. Normally I delete all the comments, but it was the middle of the night and I couldn’t delete it so she saw one about my book. She didn’t tell me for about a month and then she sat me down and told me she had gotten me agent and an attorney. 

Did that come as a shock to you?

I kind of knew that she had found it because she kept saying things that only happened in my book. So I definitely knew that she knew, but I wasn’t expecting her to get an agent and attorney and help me publish my book.

So how has the experience been? Has it been a whirlwind and something you’ve not expected? 

Definitely. It came out in April of this year so it’s still sort of new. But I’ve gone to Chicago for a book conference and I’ve done a book conference in Boston. That’s definitely a new experience for me but I like it a lot.

And how have you found the sudden stardom, is it something you’ve not gotten used to yet?

Well, for me I just feel like the same person, but then I go to book signings and book conferences, or even just concerts, and people are so excited to meet me. Like, I will literally have girls who will hide behind the bookshelves in Barnes and Nobles because they’re too nervous to meet me. And at a conference I had a girl run across the whole venue with no shoes on, just so she could meet me. So that stuff, when it hits me, it’s like… wow, people actually want to meet me. And then when I go to work, everything is normal. I have a friend who works with me, that says I live a Hanna Montana life.

So, tell me about your book and what it’s all about?

So, my book is about a boy, Levi, who stops speaking after his girlfriend dies in a tragic accident. He uses his phone to speak and he deals with depression and anxiety. When he moves from Australia, where he lived with his mom, to Maine with his dad, he meets new people and they help him through all his struggles. It is his story of getting to be a better person.

How have you found the response to your book? 

Most people have really, really enjoyed it. They like how they can connect with the characters and how it deals with common teenage struggles, so a lot of my readers can connect and relate to what they going through. They can see themselves at the characters, which is what I try to do while writing. A lot of people say that it is an inspiration to them, which is amazing.

It really is. Have you any plans for another book? 

I hope to. I’m sort of working on a sequel for Remember to Forget. But I’ve been working on that for almost a year and it’s not quite done. It’s just so hard with trying to do this book and I’m still a senior in High School, so I’m still dealing with that.

How has that juggle been? 

Em, sometimes it’s tough, but I like it.  

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