Sunday, January 17, 2016

Author Spotlight: D. Manuel Mendonca

Author Spotlight.
In this weeks author spotlight, writer D. Manuel Mendonca discusses his book, Revisited: Omega Virus, a dystopian novel.

What is your book about?
It is a dystopian style, standalone sequel. (This book follows Omega Virus: Surviving the Horror but also manages to provide its own story that doesn’t depend on reading the first book). 16 years after the world was destroyed; 16 years after a group of survivors fought for their lives, losing much to make it to freedom. This story of Hope, the first child born after the falling of the Omega Virus, who travels back to the mainland to rescue a new group of survivors and struggles to find her place in this new Earth.
What inspired you to write this book?
This book was inspired by my initial love of the first book and wondering, what happens now. The thought of Zombies surviving the 16 years, what could happen in that time? I was also inspired by the song “For You” by Keith Urban. The song kept me pumped as I wrote chapter after chapter.

Who is your favourite, and least favourite, character in the book?
I actually have 2 favourite characters, Hope and Fanny. Fanny was a young girl in the first book and acts almost like a sister to Hope. Hope is young and dealing with who she is, and where she fits in. my least favourite character would have to be The Major. Not that he’s a bad character, just looking back I wish I gave him more of a personality.
What draws you to this genre? Do you write in any other genre?
This genre just seems to be the most fun, who doesn’t love to write about zombies! But yeah, I write in a lot of genres. I have books out that are suspense (Strangers Alone) Fantasy (Siege of Ignottia, Hall of Immortals) Action (Soulless). I like to write about what ever strikes my fancy.
Is this a standalone book, or can we expect more?
As I said before this is a (standalone) sequel to Surviving the Horror, and yes I would like to add at least one more and make it a trilogy, something along the lines of the repopulation of the human masses.
Tell me about you and what drew you to writing? Are there any authors who inspired you to become a writer yourself?
Imagination drew me to writing. That and one of my favourite authors (never published) my mother. She was the first to encourage me when I started creating stories, and she has been the first recipient of each of my books.
Other than your own book, what is your favourite novel?
A child called it, by David Pelzer. Its such a touching story that really shows how far people will go in life.
Have you written other books we should know about?

Strangers Alone - free on Kindle unlimited.

If you could advise aspiring writers on only one aspect of authordom, what would your advice be?
There is no real advice, because there is no real right or wrong as long as you actually write.

Where can we find your book?
Amazon - free on kindle unlimited

Where can we find out more about you?


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