Monday, September 19, 2016

Dear Bob, The Misadventures of Petunia Pottersfield.

Dear Bob

Dear Bob has officially made its way into the world. This children's first chapter book is a heart warming story about a young fairy whose only desire is to be normal. But Petunia can't help her catastrophic ways. Things blow up around her, monsters are created from simple potions, her wings fly her into thistles and leave her hanging upside-down in a pair of frilly knickers on the washing line. Her playmates get turned into warty toads and no one wants to be near her. It's no wonder why Petunia just wants to be normal.

The book blurb

Petunia Pottersfield can’t help being clumsy, she was just made that way. Every fairy in Furrow Grove knows her as “The Jinx” and no matter how hard she tries to not be herself… it always ends in disaster. But when something strange starts happening to the other fairies, it’s up to Petunia to discover the truth and save them. She must break fairy rules and fight the rising darkness all on her own… and do it without killing them all. 

Check it out

Dear Bob is available in Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, Paperback and Audible, and has plenty of mishaps and action to entertain the whole family. Dear Bob can be found from $1.99 on Amazon

Even Better News!

To celebrate the release of Dear Bob, I am giving away a ... wait for it... $100 amazon gift voucher for participating bloggers. Plus anyone can enter to win this beautiful prize by heading  HERE

Please show the love by entering and spreading the word. Petunia is all alone in her battle to save the world and could use some friends.

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